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Professional Acrobatics Training
Autumn: 27. September – 15. October 2021 | Berlin
Spring: 28. February – 11. March 2022 | Berlin

Partner acrobatics, dance and physical theater

Welcome at the second edition of the Performing Acrobatix Programme, a three week intensive training for partner acrobatics in Berlin. The programme provides professional instructions in the field of handbalancing, hand-to-hand and dynamic skills. Additional to the partner acrobatics training there will be dance and physical theater classes to spice up our performing skills on stage.

Monday - Friday


Katapult, Berlin







warm-up and handstands

partner acrobatics – technique, drills and calibrations

lunch break

partner acrobatics – dynamic and group skills/lunge

partnering/physical theater

* Hours are subject to change, this is just to get an idea how the day is structured.


Our approach

Spread the Madness! We want to challenge you! Not only in the tricks, but also in taking the good amount of risk! Carry each other, jump on each other, throw each other and most important trust each other! We will play games to understand “Hand to Hand” from a different perspective – the Kaaos Kaamos perspective!
We gonna make you sweat cleaning up your basics. Tempos, floor positions, tempos, one arms and also tempos! And we will work on your specific tricks with each duo/trio/group. Therefore giving you tools how to continue working on these without a teacher or lunge.


One arm handstand training Berlin

Erika Ahola

 acro & handstands

Erika is a professional circus artist from Finland. She is one of the co-founders of Kaaos Kaamos. She specialized to hand to hand, handstand and acrobatics. She is currently working as a performer in different projects and as a teacher at the Die Etage. Movement is her passion and there is always new exiting things to explore. She creates a safe environment to fail and learn. She loves hugs and berries.

Perry acrobat kaoos kaamos

Perry Rudolph

partner acrobatics

Perry always wanted to move. As a kid his grandmother asked him often if he could go to bed like a normal person, he refused while doing a roll into the bed… So it was obvious that he became a circus artist. Therefore he went to several circus schools (Die Etage Berlin, ACaPA Tilburg, Le Lido Toulouse). Nowadays he is performing with Kaaos Kaamos and teaching at Die Etage.

marion sparber

Marion Sparber

week 1 – three classes

Originally from South Tyrol, Marion is a professional dancer/instructor based in Berlin. She received her professional dance training at Varium in Barcelona and Iwanson Contemporary Dance School in Munich and has collaborated with choreographers and companies such as Francisco Córdova, Physical
Momentum, Stella Zannou and many more.

alan fuentes

Alan Fuentes-Guerra

week 1 – three classes

The mexican dancer and teacher received his education at SEAD Salzburg, Austria, studying at the post-graduate program BODHI Project and at the EPDM in Mazatlán, Mexico receiving his Bachelor in Contemporary dance. Currently he is based in Berlin and is researching in improvisation and theater showing a strong connection with physical dance and movement.


Francesco Procopio

theater classes

Francesco is an actor, circus performer and teacher based in Berlin. After graduating from circus school CAU in Granada (Spain) he moved to Berlin where he produced different shows and co-founded the company Dieserto.

He likes to explore new ways of theatre and stage art work with the people he works with.

Lukas Flint

Lukas Flint

week 2&3 – flow movement
Lukas grew up in Berlin and pursuits his interest for movement intensively since about 12 years. In 2018 he started to work professionally as coach and circus performer. He has a passion for flow in movements, loves to deconstruct movements to reconstruct them comprehensively and deliver his gained knowledge in workshops, online coachings and classes.


Katapult Berlin

Katapult is a new space for contemporary performing arts in Berlin

  • puzzle mats
  • crash mats
  • 5 meter high ceilings
  • two lunges
Wilhelminenhofstr. 91, 12459 Berlin

Application and Fees


Please fill out the application form, include a motivation letter and send a video link (Youtube or Vimeo) of yourself and a partner showing the following:

  • L-base hand-to-hand & foot-to-hand: 10 seconds
  • squads (flyer & base) in standing foot to hand
  • walking in a square in standing hand-to-hand
  • pitch to contra foot-to-hand
  • sharing your background in performing arts with us

You can join the programme in duos with a partner you’re calibrated with. If you have no partner, get in contact with us, we will try to match you with someone else. We will give preference to people signing up for the full programme (3 weeks).
max. 18 participants

1st round of applications: Deadline April 15th (Early-Bird price)
Deadline got extended until April 30th!

2nd round of applications: Deadline June 30th

You’ll get informed 2 weeks after the application deadline.

Should you have any questions concerning the Performing Acrobatix Programme, just drop us a message: kerstin@cameo-acrobatix.net.
We also accept the Bildungsprämie, which means German based artists can get up to 500€ of the costs funded through the Bildungsprämie.


Early bird price
1 week = 450€
2 weeks = 850€
3 weeks = 1200€

Full price (After June 30th)
1 week = 600€
2 weeks = 1000€
3 weeks = 1350€



  • Autumn edition: 3 weeks, focus on tempos and duo skills!
    Come with an act or develop your act during the three weeks! An interim showing and feedback round is on the Friday of week 2, the final showing is on the last Saturday (16.10.2021).
  • Spring edition: 2 weeks, focus on group skills!
    You can join as solo, duo or group. The focus will be to rotate within the group, work on group skills and a group show at the end.
    Main acro teachers: Fernando Melki & Fifi Rosenbalt


In case the form below does not work, use this link to the online form.

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