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Professional Acrobatics Training
Spring: 28. February – 11. March 2022 | Berlin

Partner acrobatics, dance and physical theater

Welcome at the third edition of the Performing Acrobatix Programme, a two week intensive training for partner acrobatics in Berlin. The programme provides professional instructions in the field of handbalancing, hand-to-hand and dynamic skills. Additional to the partner acrobatics training there will be dance and physical theater classes to spice up our performing skills on stage.

Monday - Friday


Katapult, Berlin







warm-up and handstands

partner acrobatics – technique, drills and calibrations

lunch break

partner acrobatics – dynamic and group skills/lunge

partnering/physical theater

* Hours are subject to change, this is just to get an idea how the day is structured.


Our approach

Spread the Madness! We want to challenge you! Not only in the tricks, but also in taking the good amount of risk! Carry each other, jump on each other, throw each other and most important trust each other! We gonna clean up the basics, work loads on tempos and progressions towards more complex tricks. The spring edition is especially focused on calibrating with several people and work on group skills like banquine, three highs, dynamic throws, etc. We also create space to work on your specific tricks with each duo/trio/group.The idea is to give you tools how to continue working on these without a teacher or lunge.


Fifi Partner acrobatics

Yifat Rosenblat

 partner acrobatics

Yifat, born in Israel, comes from a background of six years in gymnastics. Started with Acrobalance as a hobby in 2008 and in 2014 studied at the Circus School “Carampa” in Madrid for two years. Since then she has been performing with various projects in Spain and has been joining teaching with Fernando in the last two years.

Fernando Partner acrobatics

Fernando Melki

partner acrobatics

Fernando is born in Argentina and a hand to hand acrobat since the year 2000. Studied at the circus school “Circo Criollo” in Buenos Aires and specialised with varios teachers in Spain and France since then. He has been working as a teacher since 2010 and continues to perform in different projects at Galatas and Circus festivals in Spain.

Benjamin Richter

Bejamin Richter

body-space consciousness

Benjamin Richter is a transdisciplinary artist. Since 1991 he has been working with the relationship between body, object and space, in the fields of contemporary circus, dance and performance art. His object-oriented practice „TLO“, his movement practice “Body-Space Consciousness” in combination with various improvisation methods, are the foundations for all his performance, choreographic and pedagogical work.  He has been teaching at SKH in Stockholm since 2003 at BA, MA, PHD levels.


Katapult Berlin

Katapult is a production and training space for contemporary performing arts in Berlin

  • puzzle mats
  • crash mats
  • 5 meter high ceilings
  • two lunges
Wilhelminenhofstr. 91, 12459 Berlin

Application and Fees


Please fill out the application form, include a motivation letter and send a video link (Youtube or Vimeo) of yourself and a partner showing the following:

  • L-base hand-to-hand & foot-to-hand: 10 seconds
  • squads (flyer & base) in standing foot to hand
  • walking in a square in standing hand-to-hand
  • sharing your background in performing arts with us

The spring edition will be focused on group acrobatics. You can join the program alone or with a partner/group. If you comes as duo, there will be times to work on your duo skills together in the lunge, but we’ll encourage everyone to swap around and calibrate with each other in the whole group (if covid rules allow that at that time). Currently Germany has 2G rules in place, which means participation is only possible with the status vaccinated or recovered. 

max. 18 participants

1st round of applications: Deadline December 20th (Early-Bird price)

2nd round of applications: Deadline January 30th

You’ll get informed 2 weeks after the application deadline.

Should you have any questions concerning the Performing Acrobatix Programme, just drop us a message: kerstin@cameo-acrobatix.net.
We also accept the Bildungsprämie, which means German based artists can 50% of the costs, up to 500€ funded through the Bildungsprämie.


Early bird price
1 week = 450€
2 weeks = 850€

Full price (After February 1st)
1 week = 600€
2 weeks = 1000€



In case the form below does not work, use this link to the online form.

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