Food is not included. Each participant needs to bring or buy their own food. Katapult has a small communal kitchen area with plates, cutlery and a microwave. In the area around Katapult we can recommend a few restaurants. A supermarket is at 5min walking distance.

Every participant needs to take care of finding their own accommodation. Normally it’s possible to find something as a sublet.  

The standard duration are around 7 hours per day. The main focus lays on partner acrobatics and consists of around 4,5 hours per day on average. The rest of the hours are filled with partnering, dance, theater and creation classes. 

The Performing Acrobatix Programme has a strong focus on the performing context by combining partner acrobatics with dance and theater.

This program aims to clean technique and achieve a better understanding for acrobatic skills. In the partner acrobatic classes we focus a lot on tempos and cleaning the basics. This sometimes feels “slow” in comparison to other acrobatic trainings which might focus on a wide-range of different tricks. Due to the performing context, this program aims at providing tools for working on your goals without a teacher or lunge (which is the situation for many participants in their home towns).  We provide a safe environment for taking tricks out of lines and away from spotters to get them stage ready. 

The Performing Acrobatix Programme has three different learning opportunities this year. In all three programms you can participate as non-professional too. What’s required though is an interest in dance and theater.

The one-week program is open to everyone and tailored to acrobats with day jobs. It’s an acro intensive without the dance and theater classes.
The two-week program comes with dance and theater classes and is an open format focusing on group acrobatics.
 The 3-week program requires the participants to have experience or interest in performing, as the participants create an act and present it at the last day of the program.

The term “professional” means for us that the person earns their living costs as a performing artist.  Since we know many excellent performers, who have side-jobs, don’t call themselves professional or are at the beginning of their career, this status should not be a requirement for participation.  More important is the interest and wish to learn, research and have fun performing. 

The program takes place from 10-6 pm. If there’s open training afterwards, you may stay. The schedule of open training is not defined yet though.

Using non-violent communication and a respectful behavior with each other is a necessity to participate. Discrimination of any kind has no room in this programme. LGBTQ+  and BIPoC encouraged to apply.

This event is organised by :

Cameo AcrobatixKatapult Berlin

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