Partner acrobatics, tempos and hand-to-hand

“Foundations” is a five-day intensive training for partner acrobatics in Berlin. The programme provides professional instructions in the field of handbalancing, hand-to-hand and progressions towards dynamic skills. This intensive course functions as preparational course towards the “Group Fun” or “Duo Fun” program and was conceived as part-time program in the evening. 



Katapult, Berlin

Kerstin Oschabnig

Already as a child Kerstin was fond of circus arts, but never would have imagined herself performing on stage one day. It happened by chance that in 2009 she took her first circus class, got hooked and has been teaching and performing ever since. She’s a very active member in the circus arts community; co-founded Akrosphäre in 2015, is involved in running the circus space Katapult, teaches and produces own shows with Cameo Acrobatix. She performed with renown companies such as: Circa, Compagnie XY, ConTakt, VoLa Stage Art, Shad Stunts.

Evan Cohn

Evan is an international acro teacher who's certified through Acroyoga Montreal as well as Partner Acrobatics and recently joined the Partner Acrobatics team as a coach. He has been traveling the world since 2014 sharing his knowledge and experience with all who cross his path while consistently training with the Pitch Catch Circus School of Acrobatics on and off for the last 3 years. He has a background in music and a bachelor's degree in dance and performing arts. He teaches with a passion for movement and self expression. He is a strong believer that values such as trust, communication and supporting one another are among the building blocks of acrobatics and the practice

What you can expect

The idea of “foundations” is to create a solid understanding and pathway for Duo’s to work towards standing dynamic skills. There will be a big focus on tempo’s and repetition in order to strengthen the calibration between partnerships. We believe that with the right technique, what we need most is the time and the tools to practice the skills and feel safe doing so. There will be many h2h, two high and f2h drills designed to pattern good habits that will inevitably support dynamic tricks feeling soft and effortless.



This course is thought as preparational course for the other two versions of the Performing Acrobatix Programme. The level aims towards intermediate/advanced. 

  • l-base foot-to-hand & hand-to-hand
  • standing hand-to-hand with spotting
  • very comfortable in two high

The prerequesists do not have to be shown in a video, like for the other programs. We hight encourage though to be honest with yourself about the comfort level with the skill to be able to enjoy the workshop.





Super early Bird: 250€ (until 31.03.)

Early Bird: 270€ (until 20.04.)

Regular Price: 290€

This event is organised by :

Cameo AcrobatixKatapult Berlin

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